Friday, March 27, 2009

Pulse wave

If you been following my blog, I wanna say thanks! If you've noticed you may have seen this in an earlier blog. Revamped it in illustrator, eventually will turn into a flash header. Layering took awhile, majority of the time it's low opacity with filters. Any questions or comments?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Shiny Light

It's a two-fer! A day and night scene for the Beacon news site. Straight-forward imagery, basically kept the same layout in both just changed the atmosphere. So far my fav done in illustrator. Love how its still under 5 mbs for both files. 


This upload is abit higher res just to reduce the pixelation. Darius Hill did the the orginal design/color on top. Shawn Borsky I believe did the ad layout. I just reinked the vehicle in Illustrator. Timed myself to ink it under 2 hours, lost one hour layering the wrong color choice. I may later add gradient highlights just to see what happen. Will post if I do decide to do so.

Transparency other then skyblue

Add VideoSo I've learned the hardway that trying to making a plastic mold in yellow can be quite difficult. Without anything behind the mold, it looks solid gold. Hey let's say I exaggerated the product to look like gold. Anyways done in illustrator under 3 hours. All transparent layers piled, thats the only solution i could think of to make this effect.